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act one, scene one

23 Aug

I’m sorry but can we cut? We’re totally going to need to re-do this scene…this show….ALL OF IT.

let’s baaack up.

let’s rewind and see what ashley is and is NOT going to do before 2012.

PREVIOUSLY ON — confessions of a normal teenager.

ashley wrote the following:

there’s so many things i want to and WILL accomplish until then. just you see. here’s my list.
1) Get $1,000 in my bank account. (oh boy!) and not spend a dime.
08.23.10 – I currently have half of that in the bank. And it will be spent. on rent. ah the joys of life.
2) graduate college in may 2012.
08.23.10 – yes i will. by the grace of God.
3) become fluent in at least one other language.
08.23.10 – bonjour! buenos dias! guten morgan! — close enough, right?
4) be apart of/perform in 50 productions.
08.23.10. – i currently work a full-time job. teaching classes, full-time administrative assistant, vocal lessons, directing shows. don’t get me wrong–i LOVE it all. however, i don’t see myself performing anytime soon 😦
5) stay in shape and keep taking care of myself.
08.23.10 — [inserts oreo in mouth while reading] aww…crap!
6) make an entire outfit.
08.23.10 – i WILL do this.
7) record a demo
08.23.10 – i want to have a studio, and just record whenever i feel like it.
8) learn how to play guitar or piano
08.23.10 – piano i’m slowly grasping. guitar–haven’t even picked it up.
9) focus/work on “Wedding: The Musical!”
08.23.10. – considering i’m officially single, wedding bells are not in my future!
actually i am married.
her name’s caitlin.
real doll.

10) open or start my own business
08.23.10 – one can dream!
11) be able to afford a pair of toms shoes.
08.23.10 – i can afford a pair of toms. i just still don’t want to spend the money.
12) make and finish DIY projects of all shapes and sizes
08.23.10 – of course! it just requires money.
13) become a better dancer
08.23.10 – ha! why do you think i work at a dance studio? to WATCH them and become a better dancer of course! 🙂
14) do an intense workout. like P90x and commit to it.
08.23.10 – [inserts full plate of cheesecake in mouth while reading] yeah–started on that YESTERDAY
15) Read all of Shakespeare’s works and thoroughly study them
08.23.10 – right now i’m studying the book of mormon. it reminds me of shakespeare. i’ll just keep with that!
16) Watch AFI’s Top 100 Movies of All Time List
08.23.10 – oh yeah, working on that tonight!
17) Release negative emotions and limited beliefs.
08.23.10 – you have no idea how amazing that feels.
18) Win and yell “BINGO” at a Bingo Hall.
08.23.10 – still need to look for a bingo hall!
19) Become financially literate
08.23.10 – a whatty, whatten?
20) Create a nice little home with the love of my life and my best friend
08.23.10. – nope.
21) move to New York and live comfortably
08.23.10 – nope.
22) never, ever regret a moment with my friends, family, love, life.
08.23.10 – of course! 🙂
22 lifetime choices that i will be by the time i’m 22.
join me. let’s do this together.
welcome to my life.

it’s amazing to see how much life can change. i wrote that 7 days after my 20th birthday. (april 27th if you really don’t know me.)

so where am i now?

i’m still in texas–and don’t plan on moving unless i’m married. I’m working at one of the best theatres/dance studios in the state of texas (well i think–coming from me that’s not saying much.) i’m single–i am however interested in a particular really nice GENTLEMAN (gosh, such a gentleman. i LOVE it) however it’s brand new and it just needs some much needed faith and patience! OH, and i got a new apartment–very, very exciting. still needs a lot of work decorating wise. but it’s really a nice place. 🙂

i’m also going to church–which has been such a blessing. i started going to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for about two weeks now and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. for those of you who know me, i’ve seemed to have had issues with organized religion. i felt like a) it was too much about money and b) it wasn’t about God. it was about who’s doing what, where and with whom. more fellowship than faith if you will. so going into a church where they don’t pay anyone–it’s purely volunteers i LOVED. to me, it shows a test of your faith and relationship with God that you hardly see these days. Such initiative these people have! For instance, when a male reaches the age of 19 he is called to go on a mission for two years. It could be here in the U.S., Brazil–wherever! You go and you serve the Lord for a solid two years!! You get to spend two amazing years growing and living with God.


It’s fascinating, inspiring, and downright wonderful. I think i’ve finally found a place to call home.

Okay, okay enough with my rant on religion. I have skyping (that should be a real word…is that even in the right context?) to do with my wifey-poo and dinner to make. And movies to watch, and conversations to have.

I’m on my computer A LOT these days. I’ll be sure to keep posting 🙂

Love you guys 🙂

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