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ashley van pelt – the closeted mormon.

30 Sep

So I’ve officially decided to become a blogger—not just a girl with a blog. But an actual blogger. Because here’s the thing—I’m young, single and Mormon. According the the blogging world, any young female who meets this criteria has a blog…and stinking cute ones. So it’s time I join the trend. I have a lot to offer—at least I think I do? These oh-so-adorable blogs also contain a lot of extremely crafty DIY projects (hence why my wife has called me a “Closeted Mormon”) so I definitely fit the mold.
Anywho, so the site’s under construction. I’m surprise I managed to buy a domain name. Feel free to help, give me tips. I’m super excited about this project. Ideally, I want to have an at-home business and this blog is the first of many steps to success.

Mwah! You’re all amazing 🙂

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please excuse my dear southern drawl

29 Sep

duckduckdana thought my “vlogging” was a success so i’ve continued with that. numba two!

ta-da my dream work space! i seriously have enough room in my apartment to get this!

OH and even better news–I’m getting this keyboard very, very soon.

if i’m going to have 25 vocal students–I’m definitly going to need one at home! 🙂

i love life. and i hope you do too 🙂

have a great week!


life is pandemonium

1 Sep

august was really good for me. my faith in God is blossoming. forty hour work weeks are difficult. i need to get on the ball with my sewing and DIY projects. family is what you make of it. i want to be successful in anything and all that i do. i’m not afraid in saying that love conquers and takes precedence over everything. i wish i would make something of myself with my acting/singing career. can i just snap my fingers and someone teach me how to play the piano? my best friend caitlin cannon is an amazing human being. it’s nice to feel alive again.

that’s it. tata for now.

here’s my quote of the day:

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