ashley van pelt – the closeted mormon.

30 Sep

So I’ve officially decided to become a blogger—not just a girl with a blog. But an actual blogger. Because here’s the thing—I’m young, single and Mormon. According the the blogging world, any young female who meets this criteria has a blog…and stinking cute ones. So it’s time I join the trend. I have a lot to offer—at least I think I do? These oh-so-adorable blogs also contain a lot of extremely crafty DIY projects (hence why my wife has called me a “Closeted Mormon”) so I definitely fit the mold.
Anywho, so the site’s under construction. I’m surprise I managed to buy a domain name. Feel free to help, give me tips. I’m super excited about this project. Ideally, I want to have an at-home business and this blog is the first of many steps to success.

Mwah! You’re all amazing 🙂

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One Response to “ashley van pelt – the closeted mormon.”

  1. Dana October 4, 2010 at 11:52 pm #

    You are def. going to make it. You are extremely cute and you do fit the Mormon bill very well. Obviously that’s why I’m neither, although I do wish I was artisy and crafty like you.

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